Company Overview

Ridgeview Financial Planning is, by design, very different from what you might expect from a financial services firm. When you work with me my loyalty is undivided. I work only for you. This might sound simple but it's really profound. I am legally bound by what's called the "fiduciary standard" and wouldn't have it any other way. I firmly believe that investors need sound financial advice uncluttered by the conflicts of interests that are so prevalent today. The best and only way to achieve this is to work with a registered investment advisory firm who is legally held to the highest standard. And that's Ridgeview Financial Planning!

Accountability and transparency. I don't work on commission. I have no products to sell you. No illiquid and confusing "can't lose" investments with all kinds of back-end surprises and strings attached. No divided loyalties where I say I work for you when I really don't. My only goal is to help you achieve yours. I provide financial planning and investment management services to do just that.

Competence and honesty. When you work with me the advice you receive is unconstrained. This means that I pick the most appropriate cost-effective investments for your portfolio, and use the best and most current financial planning practices and software. I don't need to screen investments by which pays me the highest commission. Since I'm not charging you commissions, or getting special kick-backs from mutual fund companies, the advice is pure and provided only with you in mind.

I am passionate about financial planning and investment management. Most people think this is pretty boring stuff, but I love it and am excited to work with you.

Ridgeview Financial Planning serves clients in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and throughout California.