Typical Clients

Ridgeview Financial Planning's typical clients are saving for their future, nearing retirement, or are actively living in retirement, and need help getting their financial house in order. They are seeking ongoing assistance with their investments and other financial assistance, and they value independent advice in these areas.

Transparency, accountability, and avoiding conflicts of interest are important for my clients. They want to know where they stand and why recommendations are being made.

Sometimes my clients have had bad experiences with "brokers" who had charged them a ton, lost them a ton, and then wouldn't return their phone calls. These clients enjoy working with me because I provide open communication and education. Typical clients want a partner in the financial planning process. They often thank me for listening to them and engaging them in the financial planning and investment management process. Firm clients like the high level of personal contact. I want to go out to see clients. I want to talk on the phone and answer emails. I'm passionate about financial planning and investment management and are always happy to talk. 

 Ridgeview Financial Planning does not require specific asset minimums to work with us.