Why Ridgeview Financial Planning?

Here's a sample of some services offered:

Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning - Can you retire when you want to? How much will it cost and is the plan sustainable?
  • Education Planning - Will it be a out-of-state private university or local community college? What's feasible?
  • Required Rate of Return - How hard does your money need to work for you? How much risk do you need to take, and how much can you handle?
  • Insurance Planning - I'll give you the best life, disability, and long-term care insurance advice without pushing products.
  • Tax Planning - There's asset allocation and then there's asset location. How can both work for you?
  • Coordinating With Your Other Advisors - Shouldn't your tax, legal, and financial advisors all be on the same page? Of course! So I help with that.

Investment Management

  • Asset Allocation Plan - I'll work with you to determine what kind of portfolio allocation is best.
  • Portfolio Review - I'll look at your current investments and make recommendations to align your portfolio with your goals.
  • Portfolio Management & Rebalancing - I'll construct a high quality, low cost portfolio for you and then keep it balanced to your allocation plan.
  • Quality & Cost - I'll maintain your portfolio to ensure quality remains high and costs remain low. 
  • Take a look at "Investment Management" in the Our Services tab to learn more about investment management at Ridgeview Financial Planning.

What You Can Expect 

  • Transparency - Ridgeview Financial Planning is a fee-only firm so you'll know exactly what the services will cost, no surprises. All of my recommendations will be in writing. Any conflicts of interest will be disclosed.
  • Accountability - I work for you, not a brokerage firm, so my loyalty to you is undivided. I'm held to the fiduciary standard, higher than "brokers" and other investment salespersons.  
  • Education - Whether it's about today's market activity, Federal Reserve policy, or whether or not you should pay off your mortgage, I love answering your questions. I want you to be as market-savvy as you want to be, and want to help get you there.
  • Open Communication - In person at your home or office, or via phone, email, or web conference, I'll be available for regular review meetings and one-off questions.