Will I ever be able to retire?

Written by Brandon Grundy, CFP®.

How do you envision your retirement years? Do your finances match your vision? Many people wonder: "Will I ever be able to retire?

There are strategies galore about how to plan for retirement. You've probably heard of some of them. There's the 4% Rule which says that so long as you take only 4% from your portfolio each year, you'll be fine. Then there's the rule telling you that the amount of bonds you own should match your age. Then there's the Million-Dollar Rule implying that you shouldn't even think of retiring until you've accumulated your first million (or two, or three...). There are strategies to help you save more and spend less. There's one involving buckets. Spend a little time Googling "How to Plan for Retirement" and you'll find dozens of one-size-fits-all strategies for retirement planning.

The problem: It's rare that one of these strategies will fit you and your life perfectly. This is where personal comprehensive financial planning comes in. Financial planning involves looking at your life, goals, finances, and vision and then crafting ways to help you reach your goals.